Best Destinations to Visit during Europe Tour

Europe is the place to go if you want a mix of variety, spontaneity, culture, cuisine, landscape and pace of life. That’s the beauty of Europe, you get more than you asked for.

Try our passionately packed best destinations to visit during your Europe Tour.

From London to Scandinavia, from Eastern Europe to all that is hot and happening in Paris, Europe is a wonderful continent, with easy transit between countries, you can go from Paris to England in no time.

Here is a rundown on all the best cities to visit during your Europe Tour:

UK-London: You just HAVE to go to London. This amazingly modern city is at once ancient and sublime in so many ways. With the London eye to St. Paul’s cathedral, London is a feast to your eyes if you are looking for majestic and architectural wonders, history and fashion all at once. And what’s more you’d have been to London. You’ve seen it in so many movies and read it as a backdrop in so many thrillers that seeing London will gratify you endless. Take it from us.

France-Paris: It’s the city of romance, fashion and beauty! With excellent and well kept medieval and renaissance architecture put together with everything modern about today’s world, Paris is a city of bustle, art and love all at once. And you just have to see Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Lover and all those fun and famous places in Paris.

Netherlands: A wonderful place to just “be”. It’s a great party place and with partying to do this place is great for youngsters while at the same time wonderful to just sightsee.

Italy: Italy is a deeply gratifying place to visit. The bustling cities, the majestic mountains and the warm beaches will help you unwind and focus on love more than anything else! You can choose from a wide variety in this country. If you are looking to feast your eyes with architecture you need to get to Florence and Rome, if food is what you and your partner love to explore head to Venice, and if you just want to sit and soak in each other’s company and the sights about you, head to the Alpine slopes near Turin.  A honeymoon in Italy is by far the best decision you can ever make.  It has everything a traveler is looking for- culture, art, historyFree Reprint Articles, landscape and food. The best time to visit Italy is in spring and autumn when the weather is pleasant and the crowds are not too overwhelming.

Greece: The turquoise blue of the sea and the sparkling white of the sand and the landscape will at once strike romance in your hearts. Halkidiki is a stupendous peninsular with some of the best sights in the world. Mykonos is one of the most popular place to be if you are looking for an international setting for nightlife. If you want to head to some ancient sites and luxurious hotels Crete would be the answer. The best time to visit Greece is between February and June or September and October.