Apogee's Tool-of-The-Month – Pocket Wood Plane

Apogee's Tool-of-The-Month – Pocket Wood Plane


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This video describes the tool-of-the-month for February 2023. A wood plane is a great investment for anyone looking to work with wood. Many experienced rocketeers swear by them as an essential tool for shaping and smoothing wood surfaces, like fins and wings on rocket boosters. They can be used to create intricate, fine detail that would take a lot longer to do if just using sandpaper.

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  1. Alfred Indy on February 6, 2023 at 4:09 am

    Thank you! I purchased your Apogee Stratus Gale glider kit. I built it by your video instruction. I tried to use a nice-looking heavier steel one from Ace Hardware. All it did was gouge. I could not get it to make the pulling motions that you showed on the video instruction. I ended up scraping the wood plane and sanding for hours. I achieved the right results, but I had wished that I could have used the wood planner like you did in the video.
    Lesson learned: stick to the cheaper tools.