Axminster Rider Limited Edition No. 69 1/2 Block Plane

Axminster Rider Limited Edition No. 69 1/2 Block Plane

On opening the wooden presentation box, you will immediately notice the unusual cap fitted to this Special Edition Rider 69 1/2 block plane. First patented in 1886 the knuckle joint cap is still one of the best block plane cap designs. The Rider knuckle joint cap is polished stainless steel, made of two-parts connected with a special linkage. The linkage snaps into place on pushing the upper portion of the cap down. The design applies considerable pressure and eliminates any chance of and the blade shifting its position on locking and chatter when in use. The upper portion of the cap forms a smooth and comfortable palm grip.

The Special Edition Rider No. 69 1/2 plane has the 41mm wide blade bedded at 13.5°. The main casting is strong, impact resistant ductile iron. The plane has an adjustable mouth and micro depth adjustment enabling you to achieve the thinnest of shavings. The high carbon spring steel blade is hardened and tempered to HRC 63. The blade only requires honing to give you a plane with outstanding performance.

Axminster Rider planes represent a good standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value. All Rider planes are suitable for home, educational or professional use, on site or on the bench.

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