Carpentry at North Island College

Carpentry at North Island College
Learn how to develop the skills needed to join Western Canada’s booming construction industry with NIC’s Carpentry Foundation program or Carpenter Apprenticeship Training.
The foundation program is a program set up for students who are interested in breaking into the trade of carpentry. With a carpentry shop over 1100 square feet, an amazing compliment of tools, and state of the art equipment students are given everything they need to succeed in their technical training.
The apprenticeship program is a 4 year program which differs from a standard academic program because you are working most of the year which allows you to be paid when you are in in classes.
Students and instructors talk about the benefits of the North Island College Carpentry Program.
One student comments that “carpentry is a lot of visualization, you have to know what you are doing, just in your head, to see the future picture. It is that great mixture of being physical and the intellectual aspect of it.”
Erik Hardin, Carpentry Apprenticeship Instructor says “Carpentry unlike other trades is extremely diverse. One thing a lot of people don’t know is that when you go onto a bigger job site the person in charge, the general contractor, the one who is there from start to finish 95% of the time is a carpenter.”