CNC Woodworking Tutorials for Beginners-06

CNC Woodworking Tutorials for Beginners-06

In this video, I explain the V-carve inlay method I utilize in CNC woodworking by analyzing easy to understand diagrams to reinforce your understanding. Vectric software is then used to create the 2D vectors and toolpaths needed to machine the inlay design for the wall art shown in the beginning of the video. I’ve seen many explanations in other videos of why specific toolpath settings are used in CNC inlay design, but I’ve always had a difficult time truly understanding the geometry behind why the settings work. Much time and effort went into creating this video in the hopes that my viewers will truly comprehend the method behind the madness. Once you understand the geometry, you should be able to create awesome wooden CNC inlay projects by using the settings I use in this video, or tweaking the settings when necessary and having full confidence that the results will be fantastic. Please support my efforts by commenting, asking questions, and letting me know your thoughts. I also ask that you subscribe to my channel, give my videos a thumbs up if you like them, and click the notification bell so you’ll be notified when each new video I produce becomes available.

My series on CNC Woodworking Tutorials for Beginners will teach you how to use Vectric Aspire CNC software to get started with CNC woodworking. Whether you use a desktop CNC router or a larger CNC machine, these tutorials will help you DIY by becoming familiar with using any of Vectric’s versatile combined CAD and CAM software packages. Vectric software can be freely used on an unlimited time trial basis to follow along with the tutorials.

00:00 Introduction
00:43 Inlay Geometry Fully Explained
04:10 Can I Tweak the Settings?
04:40 Beginning the Project
05:12 Download the Inlay Graphic
05:41 The Import Bitmap File Operation
05:55 The Trace Bitmap Tool
07:33 Text Within a Vector Box Tool
08:44 The Mirror Selected Objects Tool
09:43 Create a Boundary with Polyline Tool
10:59 V-Carve Toolpath Base Settings
13:43 V-Carve Toolpath Inlay Settings
15:09 What’s Next?

A link to the vectric homepage can be found here:

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  1. Chuck Shelbyville on February 5, 2023 at 4:33 am

    Another very good video for a new cnc learner. Straight forward and explained very well. Thanks for the content.