CodeIgniter Development Company

CodeIgniter, the open source framework for web development is one of the MVC based environments that website developing companies use resulting in modern web development practices. Since CodeIgniter is based on the PHP framework, it meets all the server side requirements independently. This documentation lets know some basic features and functionalities of CodeIgniter framework from the perspective of a CodeIgniter development company.

Firstly, since CodeIgniter is based on the MVC architecture, it lets the software or the PHP backend development mainly through three attributes as Model, View, and the Controller. The MVC architecture results in the efficacy leading to high-end functionalities developing caliber of a team and therefore, is the reason being preferred most PHP framework in addition to Laravel.

CodeIgniter allows developers to use the hook feature that is used to change the inner files of the framework without letting the core files in hacked by any other user or developing personnel. This feature ensures a secured way to change the path within the CodeIgniter framework and is the main reason to get the script executed in an utmost rightly manner.

Helpers are the other advantageous function in a group that allows the developer assisting performing specific functions. URL helpers, text helpers etc. let the developers developing any complex functionality backend smoothly making CodeIgniter as easily to the executable platform.

Regards to the routing in CodeIgniter, notably the PHP files served at the backend are not exact to the files that are accessed from the browser used by any end user. This is what routing called as and, this feature relates to customization of the URL pattern of any page to the CodeIgniter based page. The users are allowed to set the default URL to any other according to convenience. Thus in the case of matching the URL at the time of request made, the user is automatically directed to the controller and then the function. Url routing has significance in terms of generating the traffic to the page and therefore, one of the significant points from SEO perspectives. In addition, the other significant feature relates to the security of the page to hide any controller and function from being getting hacked. Also, in order to customize any page according to the requirement of the specific functions unusual to the site, routing becomes important for the backend developers. Routing is therefore acknowledged point in any developing team or CodeIgniter development company.

CodeIgniter relates to another important feature of the cross-site scripting hacking as preventing filter to the site. The filter can be allowed to run by the user manually on the per item basis or it can be allowed to run automatically. This is called as XSS filter and target the commonly used methods attempting the hijacking cookies, triggering the javascript or any other kind of malicious activity. In case the filter encounters any unusual activity to the site that can be suspicious to the features and functionalities compared to the usual ones, then it automatically converts the data to the character entities ensuring the security maintained at the desired level. This is another great advantage for any CodeIgniter development company in terms of preventing any king of attack to the product developed by them and keeps the genuine features and functionalities to the user as they are developed. Inhibitors are also an error handling class that uses the PHP functions. Additionally, there are four main components in the URL of CodeIgniter page. The first component is the server name, second is controller name that is followed by the controller function and thus, respective parameters arranged as per the desired feature of the page. Parameters mentioned can be multiple.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is again a concern relating to the security of the CodeIgniter site and therefore it becomes important to provide the protection against it. The only way to provide CSRF security to the CodeIgniter page is a hidden field in each and every form created on the site. The hidden filed is a random value that acts as an alert at the time of each HTTP request is sent to the site and the hidden field is referred as CSRF token. When inserted any such request, the users’ sessions are saved and let known to the owners. Thus, if the request is saved, then known as legitimate and allowed for execution.

Due to all the above reasons mentioned in this articleArticle Search, CodeIgniter development company finds the significance among owners as the ultimate use of the site is to get the productive business to the owners that must be with best user experience as well as the security.