DIY Simple Workbench – Woodworking Bench

DIY Simple Workbench – Woodworking Bench

How to make a DIY Simple Workbench for your DIY projects. This project is simple, doesn’t take that long, and is very affordable. My buddy George and I built this for his garage.

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Download Plans:

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*Tools Needed
Circular Saw –
OR Miter Saw –
Drill –
And/OR Impact Driver –
Orbital Sander​ –
Tape Measure, Straight Edge, Pencil
Eye and Ear protection

*Supplies Needed
Lumber for the workbench – see wood list in the plans
Minwax Polyurethane –
Minwax Gunstock Stain –
4″ Caster Wheels –
Sandpaper, Wood Screws, and Washers
Approximate Total Cost: $175
The Simple Workbench can be made for about $175 in materials cost. You could reduce $35 right off the cost by only using one sheet of plywood and changing dimensions of the top to 24” or less in width.

Wood Costs
2 – 4x4s $10/piece
7 – 2x4s $2.50/piece
2- Plywood sheets $35/piece

Other Supplies
4 – 4” Caster wheels $8/piece
1 lb. – 2 ½” Screws $9/pound
1 lb. – 1 ¼” Screws $9/pound
Stain – $8/quart
Polyurethane – $12/quart
Washers – For Caster Wheels $1
This is the cost for the wood, wood finish, and other basic supplies. *Note: This doesn’t include smaller things you may already have around the shop, including: glue, sandpaper, etc.
Cut All of the Wood Pieces
We’ll start this project by marking and making cuts for all of the different pieces for this simple workbench. We used a simple circular saw for this, you can use a miter saw or table saw as well. Once all of your cuts are made, we’ll give all of the boards a quick sanding and then start assembling it. Refer to the free, downloadable plans for the cut list.

Start Assembly, Making the Top First
Now we’ll start assembling our simple workbench. After you’ve cut all of the pieces according to the cut list in the plans, then grab the legs, the top lengthwise supports, and the top stretcher supports. Center one of the top stretcher supports and then space the others about 18” apart. Let’s put this all together with 2 ½” wood screws. Pre drill any holes before adding the wood screws and assemble it all together. With very similar assembly construction as the top portion, let’s attach the bottom support. Note that the back side lengthwise board of the bottom (bottom lengthwise board that will face the user) is attached inside the legs. This allows for more room for the user of the workbench.

Cut the Plywood and Attach
Now, we simply need to cut the plywood top and bottom pieces to size. Refer to the cut list for the dimensions and make your cuts. We’ll attach these with 1 1/4″ wood screws, always pre-drilling the holes. You can be generous with the amount of screws that you put into these boards.

Stain and Finish the Workbench
My friend George was a big fan of Minwax’s Gunstock Stain, so that is the color that we went with for his workbench. Always test the stain on a scrap piece of wood before applying to the whole project. Be sure to thoroughly cover all of the wood’s surface, working your way around, underneath, and in all of the nooks and crannies of your workbench. Let this stain dry and cure and then add a clear coat of polyurethane or lacquer to the workbench.

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  1. Shane Kim on May 20, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Amazing idea and instruction provided! Thank you for your effort. I am a beginner to DIY woodworkings in South Africa. The first project I want to start is to build this Woodworking Bench with your plan. However I am not familiar with the US measurement. I guess we have UK standard here in South Africa.. But I will try my best!

  2. Jan Myers on May 20, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    Excellent video! Just what I wanted to build for my craft room so I can store my vinyl cutter, sewing machine, etc. on the bottom shelf and be able to roll everything back to the wall when I’m not using it. Thanks a bunch, Pete and George!

  3. LegendaryFruitLoop on May 20, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    A good work table literally opens the door to thousands of projects. Definitely gonna be building one of these myself!

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  9. Chris Lawrence on May 20, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    Just built this over the weekend. I went slightly smaller, but it fits perfectly where I need it. One question, and it could be I just have an uneven garage floor, but I have a slight wobble. Would you recommend maybe adding some washers in between my caster and bench leg to fix that? Or would putting a shim in between be better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Aric Ellis on May 20, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    I am decent at anything mechanical – cars, motorcycles, appliances and so on, but woodworking I am a total disaster. I needed a workbench for my garage and tried out Pete’s design. I really enjoyed the project and I even surprised myself because the end result came out way better than I expected. Tomorrow, I mount my bench vice and a grinder Thanks, Pete!

  11. Terry Hesticles on May 20, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    Not sure if I commented yet, but I made this bench. Great inspiration and easy to follow instructions. I made mine a little taller and left out the front, lower brace. I’m making a second bench, on wheels, that will nest under this one. I build everything with bottle openers now, thanks.

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    Started building this workbench this morning. My first such project ever. Thanks for the inspiration, Pete.

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    Many lumber yards and home centers (Home Depot for one) will make some of the larger cuts on your sheet goods for you with a panel saw. If you don’t have a table saw or a saw guide or a straight edge long enough to cut an eight-foot sheet of plywood, it’s better to get the home center to make that long cut for you. Cutting down sheet goods into smaller pieces also makes it much easier to load them in your vehicle, carry them home, and unload them into your work area.

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