Do You Know What A Woodworker Actually Does?

Woodworkers are responsible for producing, creating, designing, crafting and testing wood products such as cupboards, tables and chairs using specialized tools. They also create musical instruments, dressers, furniture and even products that possess some sort of artistic value! Many people do not know much about their unique job scope and niche as they tend to keep a low profile. Here are the things that they do if you get curious by any chance!

Past vs present

In the past, they used mostly hand-held tools of many kinds to craft furniture or objects out of wood. However, the process has become mostly automated in recent years. The industry is becoming increasingly technical with a strong reliance on machinery. However, some of the work still has to be done by humans due to their level of intricate details.

Types of woodworkers

The industry is huge and there are many different kinds of woodworkers. A section of them may be employed as machine operators in mills while another batch are found to be working as building contractors. This profession can also be categorized into sectors such as carpentry, furniture building and other consumer-end products.

Some who are working in the carpentry sector create and erect frames for home roofs, create and design frames for doors and windows, whereas furniture building woodworkers can craft chairs, tables and frames out of rough wood. These products are often snapped up by buyers who have a great demand for authentic, handmade wood furniture!

Their job scope

* Building furniture either by hand or machinery

* Perform their duties in a production facility

* Cut, shape, smoothen and polish wood products

* Create wooden products from scratch

* Sand, stain and coat wood products before selling them

* Combine several individual parts into a retail unit that is ready to be sold

* Create small scale models of products or buildings that will be used for construction purposes

* Repair wood products for restoration works when possible

Advancement possibilities

Personnel who are found in sawmills can rise up to the position of a quality control supervisor, a yard supervisor, a quality process coordinator or a maintenance superintendent. These jobs require a significant amount of knowledge and skill!

Personnel who are employed in manufacturing plants can rise up to be a capital safety coordinator, a shop foreman, a production manager or a turning room supervisor.

Every professional in this field should attend events and seminars to learn new ways to improve their work processes and are encouraged to help one another when the need arises.

Working environments

A certain working environment depends on the specific industry he or she is employed into. For example, woodworkers who work in a sawmill or a yard are frequently exposed to a noisy and dirty elements. However, for those who are working in furniture and cabinet factors may work in a cleaner environment.

Safety preparations

It is compulsory for anyone to wear a helmet as it provides the first level of protection if a worker is struck in the head by a piece of wood. Working personnel are also encouraged to wear safety goggles and gloves as they are exposed to lots of sharp wood particles or airborne dust.

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