1. versatile duplicity on July 1, 2022 at 9:40 pm

    could it take a dado stack ?!

  2. Pavel Kraus on July 1, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    dangerous 🙂

  3. Laurence Feeney on July 1, 2022 at 9:44 pm

    What is the point of this ,unless you show it cutting 4" planks?

  4. versatile duplicity on July 1, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    wow, what a dumbass !! you don’t ever put the blade that high for a small piece !!

  5. shreddder999 on July 1, 2022 at 9:54 pm

    My only concern is that a circular saw doesn’t have the power for a 12" blade.

  6. Reo White on July 1, 2022 at 9:55 pm

    got dayum that thing is skeery

  7. Schwalbe_262 on July 1, 2022 at 9:58 pm

    When you think of thous (thousands of an inch), how do you visualize that or relate to that measurement? I’m a meterlander myself.

  8. Allen Hyman on July 1, 2022 at 10:01 pm

    You’re a brave man. 😂

  9. Lonnie Boudreaux on July 1, 2022 at 10:03 pm

    Crazy bastard

  10. Jordan H on July 1, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    "I don’t have a riving knife, but the jig I’ll be using will be safe without it"

    "Now I’m going to test it with a rip cut off the fence"

    Glad you’re alright there buddy.

  11. James Rogers on July 1, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    Might should have used a 14 inch metal/masonry chop saw. And you can get one cheap. I put a wood blade on one once to cut 2x’s when that was the only thing i could find in the warehouse I was working in. Worked great. Nobody knew where that blade came from. We worked with very little wood.

  12. dirtpoorpicker on July 1, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    I don’t care if you have a free bbq and a case of beer for me. My limbs aint going no where close to that monster.

  13. HA-Y-IN 69 on July 1, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    Your "MAD MAN" but gotta give it to you. I’ve done some dumbshit like this also, and yes I still have all 10 fingers. Do what you gotta do to get the job done. But staying safe and knowing how far to push your limits is a good thing…. or bad things could happen. Stay 10.

  14. Karim Teran on July 1, 2022 at 10:11 pm


  15. Rojer Jula on July 1, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    First, it’s not rigidly built. Flimsy wood frame construction will result in poor quality cut because of vibration. Second, the motor is underpowered if cutting hard wood. Third, the washer that holds the blade is too small and thin. For the blade that size, a washer with a diameter of 3 or more inches and with the thickness of at least 1/8 is needed to stabilize the blade from wobbling. These are major problems to be solved to get a better machine. But most of all, nice try and there is nothing wrong with the idea!

  16. Joel Gardner on July 1, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    For all the work and expense that went into building this, you probably could have done those giant finger joints by hand! However, I do admire your persistence!

  17. AKA Nathan on July 1, 2022 at 10:22 pm

    With a huge blade like that, I’d consider a longer push stick. 🙂
    Based on my bad luck with ‘F’ (F**k) clamps coming loose with any vibration, I’d also be concerned it would jump free of its mounts and try to cut my legs off.

  18. 19RioR93 on July 1, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    You could make a top table on a hinge on top off that table for depth!

  19. Lawrence Withrow on July 1, 2022 at 10:25 pm

    Does that 7 1/4" circular saw have the torque to spin a 12" inch blade? I’ve been seriously considering building a 12 inch myself. I’ve always been frustrated that nobody makes a low cost table saw bigger than 10 inch. I guess of you keep your feed rate light you could get away with it.

  20. Ali Hassan on July 1, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    The RPM has increased far to much to keep it "safe", you should have used a metal cutting chop saw instead of the Skill saw. Would have been a lot cheaper and easier build! Anyway, still enjoyed the video.

  21. DJP DJP on July 1, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    Have you incorporated that saw into a box or something. Looking forward to hearing from you after 4 years. Pls share your images if you have any. Thanks.

  22. Willy Will on July 1, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    Great job, still afraid for your safety, thanks for sharing

  23. SwitchDoctor on July 1, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    I’ll be damned if I would ever fasten it down with flimsy plywood. Just asking for trouble

  24. MrCougar214 on July 1, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    Hey look at that, it worked. And you didn’t cut your fingers off so I guess that’s a plus huh?…..lol

  25. Anh Hai Néo U.S.A on July 1, 2022 at 10:35 pm

    How much that saw costs? You can buy Ryobi 10in table saw for less than $200.00 and you don’t have to do anything.
    Too dangerous, give up my friend.

  26. Kevin N on July 1, 2022 at 10:37 pm


  27. Scott Farrell on July 1, 2022 at 10:38 pm

    HAHAHA your an idiot, any chance you can upload the video where it all falls apart and rips your hands off?