Easy Pallet Projects

Used pallets

Wood pallets are a great source of rustic looking lumber.  They cost anywhere from $0 -$20 ea.  Keep an eye out when you are driving around through shopping ares and home improvement stores.  It doesn’t hurt to stop and ask when you see some.  Most places are planning to get rid of them anyway.  You may even be able to schedule a routine pickup.


Two easy projects.


Here is a picture of a Bathroom Shelf a Pallet.  This took about 30 minutes.

You will need a good eye or a level to hang this.  Best selling level from Amazon.




Pallet Planter


This is another quick idea for a wall planter.

The measurements can vary to your liking or needs.

Tools needed Circular saw (or hand saw), Tape measure, screwdriver, drill, jig saw

Best selling Jig Saw from Amazon.

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