Erector Spinae Plane Block – Regional anesthesia Crash course with Dr. Hadzic

Erector Spinae Plane Block – Regional anesthesia Crash course with Dr. Hadzic

Erector Spinae Block (ESP) is one of the several new ultrasound-guided local anesthetic infiltration techniques. ESPB was primarily proposed for treatment of the postoperative pain of the thoracoabdominal region. However, its reported indications span from the shoulder to the knee, and anything-in-between, including even chronic neuropathic pain (Tulgar S et al. Cureus 2019).

While the technique is easier to perform than paravertebral blocks, its efficacy has been a matter of considerable debate (Erector spinae plane block: RIP or VIP?). In this video, Dr. Hadzic discusses the anatomical foundations for the ESPB using NYSORA’s Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy©️, so that you can draw your own conclusion on how ESPB varies from the Paravertebral Block, which it aims to replace.

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Technique

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