Faithfull Block Plane and Smoothing Plane Set

Faithfull Block Plane and Smoothing Plane Set

Faithfull Smoothing And Block Hand Plane Set

Faithfull No 4 Smoothing Plane:
Traditional bench plane.
Suitable for both hard and soft woods.
50mm – 2 inch quality cutter.
Overall length 254mm – 10 inch.
Hardwood handle and knob for comfort.
Precision machined for accurate adjustment.

This plane is made from the finest iron casting which is precision ground and furnished with seasoned hardwood handles, brass adjustment screws and a high quality steel plane iron blade, which can be finely adjusted for depth of cut, and easily removed for sharpening.

Faithfull 60½ Block Plane:
Accurately machined fine grey iron casting.
35mm – 1.3/8 inch wide plane iron, set at the low angle of 13½°.
Ideal for end grain and plastic laminates.
Fully adjustable depth of cut.
Adjustable mouth: Wide for coarse work, Narrow for fine shaving.

At the front of the plane there is a sliding section of the body which is called the mouth. The width of the mouth is easily adjusted by loosening the brass knob and adjusting the steel slide. This opens or closes the mouth gap between the blade and the body. The finer the work, the smaller the gap you need. The plane iron is of a high quality steel and is easily removed for sharpening.

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