Hot Tips for Using a Power Router Woodworking Tool

In the world of home improvement, a router isn’t someone who directs traffic, or a piece of equipment that allows your computer to access other computers. Instead, it’s a woodworking tool that you use to hollow out an area in the surface of a piece of wood. In fact, many woodworking experts consider the power router to be the most flexible power tool for woodworking. Here are some tips to make your use of power routers more effective:

1. Use a starting pin to get started

Using a piloted bit when routing a piece that’s asymmetrical, can be difficult. The reason is that router bits tend to grip onto the wood. To help prevent this situation from occurring, use a starting pin. This is merely a cutoff bolt that you can thread into the insert plate’s aperture. Just turn the wood against the pin as you place it into the router’s bit. The pin will then give you enough control when creating the cut.

2. Use pre-made routing chamfers

Use a simple wood block that contains pre-cut chamfers. This will make it easier to adjust the chamfer bit’s height in your power router. You’ll save you both time and energy. You can avoid making test cuts in pieces of scrap wood, in order to verify the bit’s height.

3. Put safety first

You can follow some basic steps to maintain safety when you use your power router. Always use the proper bit, considering various factors including:

cutting diameter
cutting length
shank strength

Furthermore, always use the proper speed and horsepower for whichever material you’re cutting. Next, always wear devices that can protect your eyes and ears. And finally, always grip the tool firmly at all times. This is particularly true when starting up the power router, as the force is quite high.

4. Use templates to create perfect copies of asymmetrical pieces

You should also use a flush trim bit in addition to the templates. As the bit’s bearing moves adjacent to the template’s perimeter, the wood becomes trimmed to the precise shape you want.

5. Prevent problems related to the routing of small pieces

How can you prevent tiny pieces from falling into the aperture inside the insert plate? You could add a supplementary top comprised of 1/8″ hardboard. Another method is to use a (rubber-bottom) grout trowel to hold small pieces.

If you need to versatile tool for woodworking, then consider using the power router. It will route you to perfectly cut pieces of wood!

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