How Airports Actually Make Money

How Airports Actually Make Money

Before you fly off to your long-awaited vacay, you have one task: get to your gate without giving in to the airport’s sly ways of separating you from your money! Think you can do it? Well, it all starts in the parking lot. We all know that parking at the airport costs a fortune. Do you know how you can pay less? There’s always a trade-off between cost and convenience.

The airport doesn’t want you to just sit or sleep in the waiting area at your gate until it’s time to board – they want you on your feet and exploring. They don’t announce boarding times until the last minute. Why tell all passengers on a certain flight that they’ll be leaving in an hour when you can cut that warning down to 20-30 minutes so that they spend more time in the stores?

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The parking lot 0:24
Long waiting times 0:44
Limiting liquids 1:18
Airport layout 1:41
“Duty-free” shopping 2:10
Bright Spacious Stores 2:42
Sales, Promos, and Bonuses! 3:07
Self-Service Kiosks 3:47
Carpeted Walkways 4:10
Sample Services 4:34
Limited Wi-Fi 5:00
Pricey Dining 5:33
Strategically Located Walk-through Stores 6:14
Waiting to announce boarding 6:36
A Long Way to the Gate 7:12
Last-minute Offers 7:42
Unexpected Delays 8:04
Currency Exchange 8:38
Souvenir Stores 9:13
VAT Refunds 9:38

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21 June 2018, Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Aerial bird view of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport on a cloudy day. A lot of KLM jets are parked at the gate: By Aerovista Luchtfotografie/,
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– Airports encourage you to arrive early to clear security checks and not miss your flight. But chances are you’ll have loads of free time, so you’ll just end up hanging out in the cafes, shops, and restaurants until boarding time.
– If you’re right-handed like 90% of the population, then you instinctively look to the right as you walk through curves leaning to the left. And before you know it, you find yourself in one of those cool-looking shops on the way.
– You might also find that you’re drawn to the stores with access to direct light. Those big windows everywhere sure help!
– When it comes to walking around the airport, carpets create a calming effect that hard flooring doesn’t. Studies have shown that relaxed passengers spend 7% more at retail stores and 10% more at duty-free.
– Remember that as you’re lying on that massage table getting your muscles smooshed around, you’re vulnerable to all kinds of sales talk about this salon’s other amazing services… that you can get for a price!
– If you want to dine in at a restaurant instead of packing a security-approved lunch, consider coupon sites. Just call the restaurant in advance to confirm they’ll accept it.
– You’ve resisted many temptations, and you’re finally approaching your gate. But what’s that? Last-minute retail offers? No, don’t be so relaxed to the point you end up unexpectedly spending AGAIN when you’re so close to your goal!
– If you’ve got a long delay and it’s time to eat, try to figure out where the airport cafeteria is. I’m talking about the one where employees go. Even if it’s far from your departure gate, it’s still worth it.
– Airport currency exchange booths – how convenient! But you’ll pay the price for such a convenience.
– Don’t rush into that souvenir shop either! Again, wait until you get settled in the city or wherever you’re vacationing.
– Alright, it’s time to head back home from your European vacation. Did you manage to get lots of goodies to bring back home? Those purchases likely included the standard VAT (or Value Added Tax). Don’t forget to go to the VAT Refund Counter at the airport!

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