How to Build Basic Cabinets–Using ONLY PLYWOOD!

How to Build Basic Cabinets–Using ONLY PLYWOOD!

In this video, I’m sharing how to build basic pantry and base cabinets and how I used them to add storage to this blank wall in my workshop!

You can grab the dimensions and details for this project here:

How to Build Base & Pantry Cabinets–For My Workshop!

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Tools and Materials:
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Circular Saw:
Cutting Guides:
Jig Saw:
Pocket Hole Jig:
Concealed Hinge Jig:
Shelf Pin Jig:
Stud Finder:
Nail gun (optional):

3/4″ PureBond birch plywood (for cabinet boxes and painted doors):
3/4″ PureBond hickory 2×4 plywood panels (for wood cabinet doors):
1/4″ plywood for drawer bottoms and cabinet backs:
Edge banding:
1 1/4″ pocket hole screws:
2 1/2″ wood screws (to secure cabinets to wall studs)
Wood Glue
Concealed Overlay Hinges:
Drawer Slides (I used 22″ and 16″ slides): &
Shelf Pins:
Drawer/Door pulls:


  1. Cathexis on July 1, 2023 at 1:27 pm

    Best cabinet build that I’ve seen….and I’ve seen a lot. Can’t wait to use the info you provided to build my own. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jacob Mabry on July 1, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    The toe kick is there to make sure you get as close to the counter as you can so your posture can be as correct as possible while using the counters. Your back doesn’t bend as much when chopping veggies and things.

  3. Litehamer on July 1, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    I haven’t seen many videos like this. I made a kids table with storage I saw you make, but my skills are somewhat lacking. I’d like to give this a go at some stage if I can get hold of those rails or similar. Very hard to get kregg tools here .

    Thanks for the great instructions

  4. Cari Curtis on July 1, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Wow, I’m so impressed with your skills! You make it so easy with your logic and the tools being used.

  5. James Garvey on July 1, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    The toe kicks are so you don’t have to bend your back while working at the sink or countertop

  6. iammasterking on July 1, 2023 at 1:30 pm

    Of all the dozen DIY videos I have watched regarding cabinets, you are the only one who explained what a toe kick is. You got me subscribed after watching your video!

  7. Michael Arenas on July 1, 2023 at 1:31 pm

    This is a setup I need my my basement craft area .

  8. arentol7 on July 1, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    Great video, and I am saving it for when I build my new shelves. That said though, the best part has to be the dog!

  9. stfutruck68 on July 1, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    Thanks for posting this. I want to build my own because I just want to and am not that experienced.

  10. Angela Nuccio on July 1, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    I built a pantry like yours for the garage it came out great, I would love it if you showed how you built the 4 door pantry next to your refrigerator in your kitchen, you have given plenty of step-by-step and even measurements on everything but that pantry would be my luck, i have been building everything using your exact measurements that way i wouldn’t ruin any wood as expensive as it is these days and our kitchen is coming together awesome thanks to your videos your the best…..

  11. Calvin Maranville Golf on July 1, 2023 at 1:40 pm

    what was the total cost?

  12. J R 1776 on July 1, 2023 at 1:40 pm

    Fantastic Job! Such an inspiration!

  13. BrandonD on July 1, 2023 at 1:42 pm

    Are you using the 6 1/2 or the 7 1/4 saw?

  14. Peter C on July 1, 2023 at 1:42 pm

    Amazing job, love your in depth and simple explanations!

  15. imbologna on July 1, 2023 at 1:43 pm

    Thanks for inspiring! I built (a version of) this project over about a week of here/there work. I’ve never done anything like it, but it turned out awesome!

  16. JediOfTheRepublic on July 1, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    I really like how you mainly used hand tools. really gives me hope I can do it!!

  17. James Karrie on July 1, 2023 at 1:47 pm

    birch vs maple plywood?

  18. Phil R on July 1, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    I love watching your videos. You make it look so simple and break it down into very basic steps. I also appreciate that you are willing to admit where you mess up. It helps me feel like I can do this as I know I will have to ‘full disclosure’ to myself. Thanks for sharing your skills and mistakes.

  19. Michael Constable on July 1, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    I made a deep narrow cabinet; 12” wide and 40” deep. How can I build it NEXT TIME where I can get to the back portion to screw the top to the carcass? It’s too narrow to crawl in and the backing is already in and the top goes all the way to the back so I can’t remove the backing. Any ideas are appreciated.

  20. Franck Benedetti on July 1, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    The toe kick keeps one’s back from aching while working at the cabinet. Try blocking your’s off one time while you are working and it will only take a couple minutes before you really feel it.

  21. APX Sports on July 1, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    This is the American home DIY version of the UK’s home baking Fitwaffle. The sisters we never asked for, nor do we deserve but we all needed 🙌

  22. My Space on July 1, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    Plywood cabinets are the best, compared to manufactured wood cabinets.

  23. Jcewazhere on July 1, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    Can you give a rough cost for this?
    Trying to decide if it’s worth DIYing, or just raiding an Ikea.
    It’d be by far the biggest project I’ve ever attempted and I don’t have half the fancy tools used. Most of all the giant table and table saw.

  24. rick chichester on July 1, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    Awesome to see someone use their head to work smarter not harder
    With installing the drawer slides on the work bench not on your knees

  25. I MD O on July 1, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    Excellent work

  26. Philip Chang on July 1, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    you are awesome and inspirational

  27. Caydee on July 1, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    Wow! You are an amazing builder. My sister was just talking about how much she needs her kitchen redone, so I will probably be watching this video another 100 times plus all the other tutorials you mentioned. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and abilities. Women with power tools rock.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  28. Lic. Eugenio R. Rodríguez on July 1, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    Interesting mix of premium and cheap power tools. Excelent technics & knowledge , One of the greatest video narratives. Impressed !!

  29. John Pangilinan on July 1, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    Can i aply for cabinet maker.. i actually do it for 10 years..

  30. Mache das Mögliche UNMÖGLICH on July 1, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    Golden hands, wow!

  31. J Dalbey on July 1, 2023 at 2:01 pm

    Great video. Thank you for showing that even an experienced woodworker can goof sometimes!

  32. Peter Stevens on July 1, 2023 at 2:01 pm

    Good evening from Auckland, New Zealand. Happy Easter! Great Skills…

  33. David G on July 1, 2023 at 2:04 pm

    Very impressive. Great job and great video!!!

  34. Marc Xu on July 1, 2023 at 2:04 pm


  35. Paul Nicholas on July 1, 2023 at 2:04 pm

    Always appreciate a woman who respects herself in diy videos
    For not having to flaunt their skin just for views
    Great video I enjoyed watching this and informative

  36. 42Seb on July 1, 2023 at 2:06 pm

    Do you think it would be ok to build out of 1/2? Im trying to keep weight down since its going in a trailer

  37. BNS Software on July 1, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    As far as why there are toe kicks if you’ve ever tried to stand at a counter that did not have them you understand why you need them. There is just something about that extra two or three inches for your toes to recess into the make it so much more comfortable and natural to stand at not making you bend over and hurting your back. They are not common in some other countries that I’ve visited and I had back pains after standing at a counter without them for just a few minutes. It’s amazing how you take these little things for granted and don’t even think about them.

  38. M3g4tOn on July 1, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    Solid tutorial! I’ll be using it to build a custom 3D printer cabinet!

  39. Benjamin Basterrechea on July 1, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    Great job girl…!!! Lots of help for my project. Thanks a bunch..!

  40. Dave Money on July 1, 2023 at 2:11 pm

    I’m glad you showed us that this can be done using a track saw. My table saw is small and unstable. In other vids, folks are using track saws for their rough cuts, then switching to heavy table saws for the final cuts.
    After watching your vid, I’m confident I can build my kitchen cabinets using a track saw and a router.

  41. Patrick Couture on July 1, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    Awesome build and tutorial!! I don’t usually last 20 mins. on that kind of video but it is great. Cabinets look awesome!

  42. Cody Dobie on July 1, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    Thanks for giving an approachable view into cabinetry. It can get a little overwhelming watching other channels where guys have the full shop, table and tools. Nice alternative, and great results!

  43. Mark on July 1, 2023 at 2:13 pm

    what do you mean build a kitchen with only plywood !!!!!! Whats wrong with plywood !!!!! its a lot better that that chipboard rubbish in the stores

  44. brit diy on July 1, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    this is my DREAM

  45. CS Horizon on July 1, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    So when she made this video the birch plywood was around $80ish a sheet? Would it be acceptable to only use the birch on sections that you can see?

  46. Heather Palmer on July 1, 2023 at 2:20 pm

    I just stumbled across this video when searching for built-in bench tutorials and I automatically subscribed to your channel! I am still somewhat of a novice woodworker and have spent an exhausting amount of time watching tutorials but generally am left with many unanswered questions. Your videos are thorough and easy to follow.

  47. Jon Oswell II on July 1, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    Great job. Can’t wait to see more🤙

  48. Prasanthan Jayaram on July 1, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    Hi Shara… I followed your guide to build some cabinets (media wall), everything is turning out well however I cut my cabinet doors about 1/4" short. I am using full overlay frameless. Is there any way to fix this? Can I add a 1/4" under the hinge on the cabinet frame. If i do that I know I might get some exposure of the frame on the sides but at least that will not leave a huge space between 2 doors. Your help is much appreciated.

  49. Kangkang Tony on July 1, 2023 at 2:23 pm

    We are kitchen cabinet supply USA & Canada many year, if you need order can contact me .

  50. Ajay N on July 1, 2023 at 2:24 pm

    I was looking all over youtube on how to build a kitchen cabinet for my home and this is by far the simplest and easiest tutorial I’ve seen so far and the cabinet looks amazing 👏 👍