How to Use a Jigsaw

How to Use a Jigsaw

For helpful how to videos, be sure to visit The jigsaw is a versatile tool. You can make straight, curved, and angle cuts and you can use it on lots of materials. Before you get started, make sure you always wear glasses, a dust mask and hearing protection. Never have loose clothing, or dangling jewelry. And always make sure to clamp what you’re cutting.

Here are some jigsaw basics – First put in the blade. You have a variable speed trigger which makes for more accurate cutting. You can make an orbital cut which means faster material removal but a less clean cut. Jigsaw often have dust blowers which are handy when working in tight corners. They blow debris away so you can be more accurate. On many jigsaws, you will also have a laser, which helps keep you on track. You can use a carpenter square or straight edge too. The pivoting foot allows you to create angles in your cuts. Once you know how to use a jigsaw you can make tons of different projects!

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