How to Use a Jigsaw | The Home Depot

How to Use a Jigsaw | The Home Depot

Learn how to use a jigsaw to cut wood into curved designs. Using a jigsaw lets you do precision woodworking. Find out how to prep a workspace and safely use a jigsaw. For more videos like this, check out our All About Power Saws playlist:

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Follow these steps for using a jigsaw:
0:00 How to Use a Jigsaw
0:12 Tools and Materials
0:19 Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace
0:31 Step 2: Mark the Material
0:40 Step 3: Select and Install Blade
1:05 Step 4: Cut Material
1:38 Step 5: Make a Circular Cutout

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How to Use a Jigsaw | The Home Depot