Make your Floor Shine like New with Floor Finish

 To finish a floor, you first have to thoroughly clean the
floor as best as possible. If your floor is already finished and has at least 5
coats already applied, or if the floor has yellowed, it would be best to strip
the floor. Otherwise, you will end up with a dull finish.


Follow floor prep with vacuuming or mopping the floor to get
rid of dust, as well as anything that may be stuck to the floor. If you do not
do this, the debris and dust will end up being in your finished floor and you
will have to strip your floor anew and start all over.


Keep the floor where you are doing this work free from all
traffic for no less than 12 to 24 hours so that it can cure and dry properly.
The exact drying time will depend upon the specific finish you are using.


You will need a bucket to put the finish mop in to remain
damp and a second bucket for application of the finish itself. Put a clear
trash bag in the bucket you are using to apply the finish so that you can just
throw away the finish in the trash bag when you are done with this project.


The first bucket should be filled half way with water. The
finish bucket should be filled one-quarter full with the floor finish. Dampen
your mop in the water and wring out the excess water, put the mop into the
floor finish bucket and wring it again until it no longer is dripping with the
finish, and then you can start applying the finish, starting with the
baseboards on the farther area away from the entrance and working away from


The finish should be applied evenly as a thin coatBusiness Management Articles, then let
it dry. Apply more coats as needed.