Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides for a table saw

Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides for a table saw

Nothing on the market can provide you with the safety and
precision while holding your stock and preventing kickback
without certain limitations. Now there is an option for your
table saw with no limitations.
Introducing our Clear- Cut TS™ Stock Guides.

The unique guide rollers on the stock guides are mounted on a
5 degree angle effectively steering your stock toward the fence.
To help prevent kick back each roller is mounted on a one way
needle roller bearing.

The roller arm holds your work under spring pressure to
ensure your work is held firmly in place and the angle of the arm
causes the roller to hold with more force if the wood tries to move
against the direction of feed.

Set up is fast and easy and they just pivot out of the way
tucked behing the surface of your fence when not in use.

With Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides you won’t have to struggle to
hold wide boards or large panels as you try to feed it through
your saw blade. The guides pull your stock securely into position
and hold your work tight to the fence.
You will achieve safer, smoother, more precise cuts.