Japanese Woodworking Joinery Arigata Koshikaketsugi​ – 包み蟻形腰掛継 –

Japanese Woodworking Joinery Arigata Koshikaketsugi​ – 包み蟻形腰掛継 –

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Making the Japanese woodworking joinery, “Tsutsumi Arigata Koshikake Tsugi.” This is a kind of stopped dovetail half-lap joint. A furniture craftsman made it with special chisels called “Tsuki” chisel, “Koshi-kata” chisel, and “Ken-saki” chisel, which are rare in Japan. We are also experimenting with different processing methods, such as using a jig or using a hammer. You can see the difference in use, advantages, and finish of Japanese woodworking tools.

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