Jigsaw vs Circular Saw

Jigsaw vs Circular Saw

Jigsaw vs Circular saw
If you’re getting into the industry of craftsmanship, and see yourself cutting through woods and assembling your dream projects together, you’re going to need some power tools to get the job done. So, let’s get started.

Number 1
What Is A Jigsaw?
The jigsaw has seen many different variations and additions to the original, yet the idea remains the same. A singular, toothed blade moves in a back and forth motion against the material upon a tabletop, with an array of cuts that can be made; such as circular cuts, beveled and straight cuts.

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What Is A Circular Saw?
A circular saw is a very commonly used saw amongst those who work with lumber, especially for those workers who are doing so on-site. These saws are found in both corded and cordless varieties, and due to their power, can cut through materials incredibly quickly, without compromising too much on accuracy.

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What Would I Be Using A Circular Saw For?
Circular Saws are best used for the repetitive cutting of large wooden boards, and it’s for this reason why they’re commonplace on the worksite and found in the home workshops of DIYers.

These power saws can be used on the smallest jobs, to large-scale construction sites – depending on what your preferred use is for these tools.

Number 4
Strengths & Weaknesses Of A Circular Saw
You’re probably aware now, that the power of a circular saw is one of its main strengths. Whether it’s a corded or cordless model you’re using, you can be assured that ripping through woods every day is something that is quite easy to do. The weaknesses of a circular saw would be its inability to make curved cuts. Straight lines are where this power tool excels, and if you’re looking to make curved cuts on a circular saw – you can forget about even attempting to do so.

Both saws would be an invaluable addition to your workshop and serve their own uses. This is why it’s important to identify how often you’ll use either saw, as well as what for.

If you’re constantly needing to rip through boards, you know a jigsaw won’t cut it, so a circular saw is the more preferred option for you. If you’re doing intricate shapes and complex number cutting – a circular saw won’t help you there!

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