Ozito 18V Jigsaw Review & Beginners Guide

Ozito 18V Jigsaw Review & Beginners Guide

So you need a Jigsaw and you are probably wondering if its low price ms too good to be true.

Well Ozito is a hobbyist brand so it will not have some of the specs and features of their competitors who are priced much higher.
As a tool for a hobbyist this has more than enough quality and features built into it to get you job done.

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Battery
00:52 Saw Blade Replacement
02:09 Blade Angle
03:16 Side Angle
03:44 Guides
04:01 Vacuum Attachment
05:05 Safety & Trigger
05:31 LED & Throttle
05:54 Demonstration

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video and also thanks to
Mixkit.co for sound effects
Tima Miroshnichenko, cottonbro, Daniluk, StefWithAnF, Yaroslav Shuraev, from Pexels from Pexels for stock footage
Music Purchased from Audiohero.com

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  1. Joseph King on October 12, 2023 at 9:49 pm

    I bought mine on an almost whim a month ago and have yet to use it. Was a toss up between this and a circular saw which I still aim to purchase. The bevel movement on my Jigsaw was so loose it could easily be moved by hand *without* moving the Bevel Locking Lever forward. It appears part of the problem to be a very loose allen bolt/screw under the bottom plate (the foot?) which allowed the bevel mechanism to move back and forward so it wouldn’t engage with the Bevel Locking Lever. A poor bit of part fitment with one of the bevel guide being slots too wide for the keyed locking part too narrow that allowed the mechanism to move too freely.

    I checked the rotating lever that allowed you to change the cutting angle and that too appears to have an issue because I noticed your jigsaw’s blade made a very noticeable angle change when the settings were changed. When I move to the *EXACT* setting the blade moves forward slightly and moving to the next setting straightens the blade and the next two setting nothing happens. Might need a trip back to Bunnings because if I start unscrewing things that could _Null & Void_ the *5 Year Warranty.* Yeah, I like that warranty. Shame their batteries are so damn expensive especially the higher capacity ones.

    *Thank You* for this video. 👍 I had noticed the bevel issue I had on the jigsaw when I purchased it but I didn’t notice the cutting angle not appearing to be working as intended. If I remember I’ll post back after the trip to Bunnings and let you know what a twat I am for missing something with that cutting angle setting. 🤦‍♂