Paint a Wood Sign to Look Like a Blue Glass Mason Jar | Shade with a foam brush

Paint a Wood Sign to Look Like a Blue Glass Mason Jar | Shade with a foam brush

In this video, the artists of StudioR12 Stencil give you design tips on painting jar shaped wood signs. You’ll learn how to paint a wood sign to look like a blue glass mason jar. You’ll also learn how to paint a stencil to make it look like it’s curved with the shape of the surface. And you’ll learn tips for shading and highlighting backgrounds and text.

This video originally aired 10/24/23.

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0:00​​​ – Technical difficulties
0:52 – Intro
1:26 – Introducing the StudioR12 Swag Shop
4:25 – April 2024 In Person Event Details
7:22 – Introducing the StudioR12 Jar Wood Surface
15:17 – How to shade with a foam brush
21:45 – What are the most popular size of round wood surfaces
22:07 – How to paint a realistic looking jar lid
24:40: Tips for cleaning foam brushes
26:45 – How to use a sponge to add texture to your project
28:50 – The easiest way to paint stripes
33:55 – A brush you DON’T want to stencil with
34:59 – How to shade with a dome brush
39:36 – How to paint faux rust
42:31 – How to repeat a plaid pattern with a stencil
44:50 – How to line up a stencil on your project
46:15 – How to make stenciled works looked curved with the shape of your surface

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  1. Pat Coulson on October 27, 2023 at 10:01 pm

    Is there a video on sanding? I couldn’t seem to find one specifically on hand sanding and what grits of sandpaper to use.

  2. Garnet Crites on October 27, 2023 at 10:43 pm

    On your porch signs please , what size do you use and what type of wood and where do you get it please.