Parkside 12v Jigsaw Compare to Dewalt 18v

Parkside 12v Jigsaw Compare to Dewalt 18v

After seeing the Lidl Parkside jigsaw on 12 volts, this aroused my interest in buying one. It always seems useful to me in the workshop or for a job, you know if you need to saw something quickly, a cheap / affordable saw is always easy. This is how I tested it and tried to give it an honest assessment. Of course you can’t agree with me. But I would say watch this youtube video for a comparison between the Parkside Jigsaw on 12 volts and a Jigsaw from Dewalt on 18v. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. About the product, tell us about this video what you think could be improved. I hope you like this video and you love Do it yourself / DIY and especially tools / testing tools.
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X12v team

00:00 Intro Parkside Jigsaw 12v by Lidl
00:14 12v Parkside Jigsaw Specification
00:25 Unbox Parkside 12v Jigsaw
01:48 Parkside 12v Jigsaw Manuel
02:15 Parkside jigsaw Saw guid
02:24 Parkside Jigsaw 12v the machine
03:00 Parkside Jigsaw 12v Dust collector
05:44 Parkside 12v Battery and charger unbox
11:24 Parkside 12v Jigsaw cutting 18mm Plywood
12:10 Parkside 12v Jigsaw cutting 15mm Ply wood
13:38 Parkside 12v Jigsaw speed control
13:58 Turn and cut Parkside Jigsaw
15:30 to show the difrent compare a 20v Dewalt Jigsaw cut
15:55 Parkside Jigsaw outcome of the test
17:40 Why you should not buy this parkside tool
17:46 End of this parkside video.

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1 Comment

  1. whomadethatsaltysoup on October 4, 2023 at 9:05 pm

    Good review of this little 12v saw. I bought it a couple of weeks ago because I got a 30% discount on it, and had already purchased the 12v plane and drill/driver with a couple of batteries. Both of these are excellent to have in a separate toolbox.
    You’re absolutely on the money: it is totally useless on anything more than 12mm material. But then, if you’re looking for straight, plumb cuts, it’s never a good idea to reach for a jigsaw. That said, for £16, I just couldn’t say no.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.