Pay Attention On The Content of Moisture When Buying Wood Furniture

In the modern times, it is common to find the wood furniture, what’s more, it is considered that the wooden furniture have the dominant advantage in the furniture market. Among all the wood furniture, more and more people are likely to choose the solid wood furniture which is the top grade wood furniture. However, when buying wood furniture, too many people only pay attention on the furniture design and panel, as for other details such as the content of moisture, it seems that they don’t have the enough knowledge on such aspect, on the other hands, some people even ignore such situation, in fact, such details can directly affect the working life of wood furniture.

In daily life, too many consumers complain that the solid wood furniture begin to crack after only one year use, however, they have paid attention on the maintenance on furniture, why such situation happen? In fact, not only the solid wood furniture, but also the solid wood floor board, doors and windows have the same phenomenon, and the direct cause of this phenomenon is the content of moisture in wood.

In general, all the wood contain a certain amount of moisture and before being manufactured into furniture, the wood material should be taken the drying processing, which is known to all. However, not everybody knows that the drying processing should comply with the certain standards, that is the content of moisture in wood used for furniture production should keep the same as the average moisture content in the atmosphere at local. Without the professional detector, it is difficult for consumers to understand whether the content of wood furniture accord with the required standards or not. If the condition allows, it is important and necessary to know the content of moisture in wood furniture.

Because of the different geographical location, the average moisture content in the atmosphere are different at different location. Therefore, the requirement about content of moisture in wood furniture should be different. For example, in the north, the average moisture content in atmosphere is about 11.4 percent while in the south that is about 14 percent. The standard content of moisture in furniture is about 1 percent more or less than the local average moisture content in atmosphere.

According to furniture designer, the content of moisture in wood can directly affect the quality and use situation of wooden furniture. If the content of moisture is too low, the wood will absorb moisture in air so that furniture are easy to expand. If the content of moisture is too high, furniture are easy to crack.

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