REAL VINTAGE WOODWORKING | The Woodworker | AMAZING 1940's short film

REAL VINTAGE WOODWORKING | The Woodworker | AMAZING 1940's short film

Click and you might just enjoy this one, I personally loved this vintage woodworking short film from 1940, maybe because it’s a hobby of mine and because I collect old antique woodworking tools that I just find it really interesting to watch these old craftsmen going about their work in such a seemingly effortless manner. I can’t help but wonder what have we lost, how much old school knowledge, wisdom, or tricks of the trade has not been passed down to the next generation of woodworkers.

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Rough carpentry in woodworking; building forms for concrete; plywood; hog houses; chicken coops; sheathing; erecting roofs; installing inside finish; stairs; hanging doors; woodworking mill; machine operators; cabinet shops; patternmaking for casting; opportunities in the woodworking fields;
Contents. Impressions of various woodworking jobs and the training and qualification required to enter them.

As views of large buildings are shown, the commentator says that, although these structures were made of stone and cement, woodworkers have played an important part in their construction. Types of rough carpentry work are suggested as workmen erect scaffolding and build concrete forms.

Farm buildings and a frame house are also shown as examples of rough carpentry. Carpentry requiring higher skill and accuracy is illustrated by views of carpenters fitting windows and doors, laying hardwood flooring, assembling a kitchen workbench, etc. The commentator says that the need for cabinetmakers has been reduced by the use of materials other than wood for interior furnishings and by machine prefabrication at the mills …
A sequence on the woodworking mill begins with a view of a man at a planer.

The commentator says that the men working here are machine operators as well as woodworkers. In the assembly department the workmen put together window sashes and doors. Workmen are shown building stairs, running sanders, and carving door panels as the commentator describes the wide range of skills needed in woodworking.

A sequence on furniture making is introduced by views of a furniture maker at work. The commentator says that, although most furniture is made by machine, some employment is furnished by the demand for made-to-order furniture, that furniture makers are usually older men, and that apprenticeship is the best training for entering the field.

The use of veneer in furniture making is indicated. A machine peels off thin slices of wood from a log. These slices are matched and glued to pieces of cheaper wood. Finally, a finished cabinet of matched veneer is shown.

Patternmaking is the subject of the next sequence. A wooden pattern of a finished flywheel is shown as the commentator says that the pattern is used to make a form in sand for casting. A patternmaker shapes the wood both by hand and by machine, assembles the parts, rounds the corners, and shellacs the whole pattern. A finished pattern is placed in a sand mold, sand is packed around it, the pattern is removed and the metal poured. After the metal has cooled, the sand is removed.

The final sequence begins with views of draftsmen at work as the commentator describes the need for carefully made blueprints. The commentator further points out the possibilities of advancement to foremanship, shop owner, and contractor. Finally, there are scenes of mechanical drawing, mathematics, and woodworking classes as the commentator says that these high school subjects are useful to those planning to be woodworkers.

Appraisal. Good for showing the following fields of woodworking and some typical jobs connected with them: carpentry, mill working, furniture making, and patternmaking.

The film suggests some of the high school subjects that contribute to preparation for woodworking vocations. It is well organized for use as a broad orientation to the subject of woodworking as a vocation. Much pertinent information is presented in the commentary. The pictorial content is generally illustrative. Photography is good, sound excellent.



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