Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw

Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw

Reciprocating saw vs Jigsaw
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Let’s try to keep this as simple as possible. A jigsaw IS a reciprocating saw. It’s sort of like saying Diet Pepsi is a “type” of Pepsi. But, let’s dive deeper and learn what the differences between a jigsaw vs. reciprocating saw. So, let’s dive into the video.

Number 1
A jigsaw, although it’s in the same family as a reciprocating saw, it definitely has its own purposes and uses. Jigsaws cut accurate, curved lines in whatever material you’re working with. You can use a guide to make circular cuts or parallel cuts.

It’s the grandmaster at cutting shapes into whatever material it’s working on. Depending on what material you are working with, you’ll want to properly adjust your speed. For example, if cutting wood, a fast speed should be used. However, when cutting metal or ceramic, you’ll want to use a slower speed.

It’s also used for making compound and bevel cuts into various materials.​ You simply need to move the base to a 45-degree angle to do this.

Number 2
Reciprocating Saw
Reciprocating saws are good for cutting things that are out in the open. It’s perfect for framing out windows, cutting pipes, etc, because the blade is out in the open and easy for you to see. These saws are great for demolition projects that you have.

These saws typically do cut in a push/pull (reciprocating) motion but can be found using an orbital or pendulum action, depending on which you purchase. Some saws simply have a switch you can flip to do all of the above-mentioned motions. The orbital/pendulum motions minimize the sawdust on the job.

You can use it to cut above your head!

You would use this type of saw to cut through nails in a door jam and then you would cut out the door jam itself using the same saw.

This is the saw you will use when you step into being a more professional DIY-er or when you’re downright serious about a major remodeling job.​

In the battle of jigsaw vs. reciprocating saw, you want to know which saw you’re going to need for your next project. Having this information should help you make a more informed, educated decision about whether a Jigsaw vs. Reciprocating Saw will best suit your needs.

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