Starter Woodworking Projects Wooden Birdhouse Kits

If you are looking for a great project to do with your kids at home or at school, why not make a birdhouse?! Putting together a bird house can be a great way to bond and spend time with your own kids or your students if you are a school shop teacher. While many people opt to build their bird houses completely on their own, many people decide to use wood birdhouse kits. These birdhouse kits can be a great tool for the beginner wood workers of all ages. All the pieces and instructions you need are included for an error proof build.

For the kids who are interested in making their own wood bird houses, there is even kids birdhouse kits especially designed for the little wood working hands. A great thing about these bird house kits designed for children is that they are extremely cheap. You won’t typically see these kid bird house kits for over $ 35-$ 40.

You can expect to get the plans and instructions, wood needed and all the nails and screws you need included in your wooden birdhouse kits. Glues and pastes can also be used for your bird house too if you wish. You can easily follow the instructions and plans included and all the wood will be the exact size that you need it. If you are one of the people trying to do it from scratch you will have to cut the wood to the exact size that you need it to be. This can be a lot of time consuming extra work for people, especially if you are a shop teacher at schools. Due to that, these bird house kits are extremely convenient, simple and in turn, very popular for all ages.

You can move onto more advanced and bigger projects after you have mastered making the bird house. You can make your bird house as extravagant or large as you want to, even though the structure is known to be a smaller one. Your new bird house could even be a bird castle that sits on a pole rather than the smaller tree sized ones. You can find bird house kits to fit the plans and project ideas you have in mind no matter what type or size of bird house you are looking to build. Some people even make building bird houses their life-long passion they pursue.

You can get a basic bird house kit for $ 10 to $ 20 both offline and in local home improvement stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware. These projects are not only educational, but they can be very fun for both kids and adults. If assembling the bird house yourself is not up your alley, you can also buy a pre assembled bird house and paint it as a fun activity for you and your children. It can also be a great way to relax.

Making a bird house can be a fun way to occupy guests in a number of events and occasions. Learning team building exercises is also something that building these bird houses can help do. Some examples of where these builds can improve communication are with boy scouts, girl scouts, training courses and even employee meetings or parties. Building bird houses can fill the void if you are looking for something to do or even a new hobby to pick up. You can get your new project or hobby started today since these kits can be found both locally and online for affordable prices that will fit into any budget. Isn’t it time you built your first bird house?

Ian David is the owner of Crafty Design. Crafty Design is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and specializes in Wooden Birdhouse Kits.

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