The Hardwood and Hardware Company San Diego, CA

The Hardwood and Hardware Company San Diego, CA

Short infomercial with Steve the owner of The Hardwood and Hardware (TH&H)Company in San Diego CA. They are a one stop shop for woodworkers of all sorts. If you are looking for a good place for materials and hardware check them out! This video is a clip from one of my longer build videos from when we acquired the supplies for the build from TH&H. You can watch that build video here:

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Gear I use to make these videos:
Canon EOS M50:​
Gopro hero 6.​
GoPro Pro Mic Adapter:​
52MM Neutral Density Filter Set:​
Aluminum housing :​
Rode Video Micro:​
Ipad pro:​
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Lapel Microphone:​
Sony Voice Recorder:​
Mavic air 2:

Shop items I use frequently:
Nova 1624 lathe:​
Nova chuck:​
pens plus jaws:​
Jet drill press:​
Round carbide turning tool:​
Mini carbide turning set:​
Ridgid Table Saw:​
Flexcut carving knives:​
Hut Crystal coat:​
Stickfast CA glue:​
Stickfast activator:​
WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin:​
West Systems 207:​
West systems calibrated pumps:

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