This Woodworking Jig Marks The Center Of Lumber Fast!

This Woodworking Jig Marks The Center Of Lumber Fast!

Check out how fast this awesome woodworking jig marks the center of lumber!
Learn how to make a center finder tool and find the center of a board. To find the center of a board I will be building a center finder tool. This woodworking jig will enable you to mark the center lumber and can be completely customized. In this video, I will detail the whole process of how to build a center marking jig so you can find the center of any board for woodworking! If you are trying to draw the center line on a lot of boards then this woodworking jig can make the job so much easier. This center finder tool can be customized to suit your needs as well by changing the length of the jig or the size of the dowels in the jig. This jig makes finding the center of wood really easy. Marking the center of a piece of wood has never been easier with this jig and I think it’s one of my favorite woodworking jigs especially when it comes to measuring lumber. The center marking jig uses dowels on either end to position a pencil in the center location of a piece of lumber and then you simply glide the jig across the surface of the wood to mark your middle line. This woodworking jig comes in great handy on a variety of woodworking projects and diy projects. In woodworking, we often need to mark the middle of a piece of wood for cutting, or drilling, or mounting hardware and this middle marking jig really makes it easy to get those lines drawn on your board. If you are trying to find the center, a center finding jig is perfect. This center marking tool is super easy to make and can be really accurate in finding the center if built correctly.

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