Wood Working Plans For You !

A wide range of free woodworking plans are available on the internet. Indeed you will get valuable information from woodworking plans that can be used for home renovation purposes. On some websites amateur wood workers share their experience, tips and ideas that make up for great free woodworking plans. Some woodworking plans that are commonly used are bookcase plans, bed plans, shed plans, workbench plans and entertainment centre plans. Here they are:

Cherry Bookshelf plans: It consists of 13 pieces that are screwed and dadoed together. The shaping and joinery is done with the help of a drill press and a table saw. The bookshelf has slats and pyramid top posts. Cherry wood is used as it is lighter.

You can use other types of wood such as quatersawn white oak. For building this bookcase you require screws, screw hole plugs, slates and shelves. The dimensions of these items will differ according to your requirements.

Break down Chair Plans: This high backed chair and has no wedges or pegs. You can easily make 2 chairs out of one 4×8 sheet of good quality plywood. It is very easy to make these chairs.

Antiqued Table plan: Clear pine is used to make this antiqued beauty. Tools that are required to make this table are trim saw or handsaw, bits and drill, spray bottles, wet rag and belt or orbital sander. Materials that are required to make this table include legs, apron, fastening strips and table top. You also require screw and washer, shellac and carpenters glue and 8 hanger bolts. Depending on the size of table you want, you should select the dimensions.

Circular Kitchen Table Plan: Solid black walnut wood is used to make this kitchen table. The tabletop which has a radius of 2 feet is a perfect circle. The circular top is on a pedestal base which is constructed using laminated bridle joints. Warmth of this wood enhances as tung oil and polyurethane are used for protecting the finish. The contemporary design of this antique table is much more attractive than formal dining style. Jointer, jigsaw, hand router and some other tools are required to make this piece.

Mahogany bed plan: This ideal master piece is ideal for any bedroom decor. The bed is made from solid mahogany. The bed with its contemporary style has convenient rail hangers A series of slats are required for supporting the bed. A box spring is not required once you use these slats. Depending on the thickness and length of the mattresses the dimensions of the bed will vary. The dimensions should be such that it should be able to handle queen size mattresses. The bed is designed in such a way that you can disassemble it easily.

Jewelry Box plans: This elegant case has a simple design. If there are some beautiful small wooden boards in your house then you can make this box on your own. It will not take you long to build this attractive box. This can indeed be a perfect last minute gift for a friend.

Woodworking plans can give an idea about how to design a particular woodworking product. They also give information about the material that has to be used in making a certain product. So try your hand using these plans and create wonderful designs that you will be proud of.

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