Woodworking Design software – making a two drawer book shelf

Woodworking Design software – making a two drawer book shelf

This video shows how to use the tools and techniques of SketchList 3D to virtually build a woodworking project. There are only three steps and three tools needed in the software. Very easy to use and learn. Get a free SketchList 3D trial at www.sketchlist.com

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  1. QuiGonGlenn on August 29, 2022 at 1:27 am

    Hello there, thank you for these videos. I am having an issue in my current project, and watching this video I do not understand why. Hobby license, not on trial. When I select the edge of the panel I want to do a rabbet on, the Joinery options are limited to None, Tenon and Miter. No rabbet.

    I understand this isn’t the place for this discussion, so I will likely send an email. This won’t stop me from completing my project, but it will stop me from finishing the model to a level I am happy with. This is for my kitchen, I am not a pro, so I had really hoped the Hobby version would handle simple joints like this. For now, I assume PEBKAC, but please let me know if I have chosen versions poorly.